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Here’s one I bet most have never heard of, the Porsche 932 aka Porsche Panamera this was the first concept study car from back in the 1990s ...... proves we can all learn something new from this manufacturer.Image attachment


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The rear looks like a Renault Megane:

Maserati Seat mash up

I think that was styled by giugario who also designed most of the 90's Seat's which is why it looks like them.

I think I recall seeing sketches that looked like that in car magazines back in the day. Fascinating to see an actual model.

That is horrid, Renault Laguna meets Seat!

OMG I never saw this before. Where is it? The Porsche museum??

It was probably a wise decision not to go ahead with this ugly munter!

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Excellently named village.

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