Kent & South-East London

Kent & South-East London

R.O. Paul Greer 07799 412870

Hello and a big warm welcome to everyone. I’m Paul Greer, the Regional Organiser (R.O.) for the TIPEC region covering Kent and South East London. We are an open and approachable group of grounded Porsche enthusiasts. Our members own and drive a very broad range of Porsches. No matter which model you have, or what budget you’re working to, there will be other members just like you. As well as meeting once a month (details below), we have a jam packed diary, (details below). The events we organise are driven by our members and include, drive out days, breakfast meets, car shows and at national level, includes track days. All diary events are aimed at maximising your time, enjoying your Porsche. My Joint Assistant Regional Organisers are my wife Rachel and fellow member Stuart Watson.

A.R.O. Rachel Greer

Hi, I’m Rachel Greer, Assistant Regional Organiser (R.O.)  I make sure that we ladies are equally represented in the regions events calendar. Some of us are Porsche drivers and owners, whilst others come along for the social aspect that the region offers. There is always a good turnout of ladies, so don’t be shy, it would be great to have you along to as many events as you are able to come to. Almost all of our events are family friendly.  Turn your Porsche day out into a family outing!

A.R.O. Stuart Watson

I’m Stuart Watson, an Assistant Regional Organiser (A.R.O.). A few short years ago i returned to Porsche ownership and was desperate for help, support and general Porsche camaraderie. I’m so pleased that i joined TIPEC and found such a warm welcome at our region. It was a big step for me as i’ve always resisted clubs. I’ve made some great friends through the club and saved a fortune with the help and advice I’ve received.  I’d like to be able to get to all meetings and all events, but none of us can do it all. There is absolutely no pressure to do everything. If there are things you’d like to see on our calendar, just let us know.

Contact Us.


Our Club Night – We meet on the 1st Monday of the month from 7:30pm at:-


The Carpenter’s Arms
Three Elm Lane
TN11 0AD

Tel: 01732 850307

(A26 Between Hadlow & Tonbridge – Behind the BP Fuel Station)

Click this link for Todays Menu at the Carpenters Arms


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Christmas Party 2018

Saturday 15th DecemberChristmas Dinner / DanceBrands Hatch  We have made a reservation at Brands Hatch for our Christmas dinner.  Take a look at their brochure for further details

There are now very limited spaces left – email to check for availability.


News and Information

Membership Renewals – Why we remind you.  Club membership is managed at Club level by an independent company called Lavenham.  When your membership is due for renewal, you get notified by Lavenham and if you’re anything like me, you think ‘yep, i must do that, i’ll do it later’.  The fly in the ointment is the very important legislation called Global Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) this means that if you forget to renew, we can’t contact you.  Locally, each month, we get an updated distribution list of our regional members.  Once you drop off that list we can’t let you know about all of our great events.  So we try to give you a gentle nudge to renew just before you disappear.  Don’t rely on me sending you an email though, i might put it off until later and then where will we be?

Doodle – An internet Application to help us all.  Following on from the positive results within the Scottish Region, we are trialing the use of Doodle.  In future when we send out an email about an event, you will find a link in the email to a Doodle poll.  Simply click on the link for the event and answer the question.  Doodle is extremely easy to use.  It takes no more than 5 seconds to from clicking on the link to finishing.  It is a third party App, but it’s been in use by Scotland for some time without issue.  As you know, some of our events have number limitations, others require that we provide attendance figures in order to assist with staffing and (frequently) catering.  This App should help make life easier for everyone.

EVENTS – All of our calendar / diary dates, will now show in the ‘CALENDAR‘ tab at the top of the page.  If you live on, or near a Club Regional Border, or intend visiting another Club Region, this change should make it easier for you to see more events.  To see more detail about an event, place your cursor over the event which should bring up more information.

We will still feature more detail for certain Kent and South East London Region events here, but for the complete list of our events, visit ‘CALENDAR‘ above.

Porsche Centre Tonbridge – Refurbishment.  Our region enjoys an extremely good relationship with OPC Tonbridge. You may have heard that the centre is undergoing a refurbishment.  Here is a link to the plans and images.

Club Nights and Events – Elephants in the room!  If you can’t get to everything, none of us can, it doesn’t matter. If you haven’t been to a club night or an event for a long time, you’re not alone, that doesn’t matter either and we look forward to seeing you whenever you can come along.  We all do our best to make everyone feel welcome, there are no cliques, just members in conversation, feel free to introduce yourself and join in.  However, If you own a Toyota Prius, which you bought with your own money instead of putting it towards a Porsche – that may be a problem!!

If you’re a club member and your Porsche is off the road. Or you are ‘between Porsches’ or you are looking for your first Porsche. You’re still a Porsche enthusiast, so come along and see us at our monthly Club Meeting!


A Selection of Previous Events


Club Night – December 2018

December club night was certainly a great evening.  Our hosts, Porsche Tonbridge, estimated a total of sixty members and guests visited them for the final club night of 2018.  This backs up and exceeds the numbers of you who responded to our Doodle Poll, a great turnout everyone – Thank you all.  The team at Tonbridge laid on some beautiful food.  (There is no truth in the rumour that i was hanging around where the waiting staff were entering the room in order to get first dibs).  Dan, the parts manager and his team had a great display of merchandise on display.  Many of you bagged some bargains that night.  In the showroom there was the new Macan, a stunning white 964 Turbo and my favourite a 911 991T in Black with and black interior with red stitching.  Several members showed interest in the new Cayenne too.

It was really interesting to see how the refurbishment works are moving forward too.  The new workshop will be fully operational in January 2019, at which point work will start on converting the existing workshop to additional showroom space.

Finally, Thank you to Porsche Tonbridge for inviting us to spend the evening with them, and to the staff who had worked long hours prior to our arrival.


Thames Christmas Light River Cruise – Nov 2018

On the last Sunday of November, members arrived in Greenwich Village at various times of the day.  Some spent the day walking around the small local shops and historic markets, whilst others enjoyed a restaurant meal.  As the sun set we all boarded the Viscount Cruises river trip vessel at 6pm.  The weather was chilly but dry.  Virtually everyone made their way onto the the upper deck inside seating area just behind the wheelhouse.  The crew had pre-heated the area and it was a wonderfully warm vantage point to view the city lights from.

As ‘land lubbers’ its easy to become disorientated, as iconic sights like the Shard can be seen on the Port side one moment followed by the Starboard side moments later as we meandered our way up river towards Battersea.  The obvious and less obvious sight were identified to us by the crew who gave a great commentary with humour interspersed with facts.  It was really entertaining.






We have to say a huge ‘Thank you’ George and Gill, not only for giving members a huge discount on the cruise prices, but for providing our group on this organised trip with plentiful snacks and mulled wine at their own expense.  If you missed this trip, Viscount are planning more on the lead up to Christmas, and even at normal prices this really is a value for money evening out, which you are sure to enjoy.


As the journey continued, more members made their way onto the open deck to look at the breathtaking sights and take photographs.  There really isn’t a better way to see London and we were all reminded what a beautiful city it is.





The Albert bridge is a spectacular sight decorated in it’s bright white lights,  The former Battersea Power Station is undergoing massive redevelopment and is currently sporting two fibre glass chimney stacks to maintain its visual impact.  The Queen Elizabeth tower housing ‘Big Ben’ is also shrouded in scaffolding as it is extensively repaired.  Thank you to everyone who came along and made this another great day out.


Porsche Healthcare Check at OPC Tonbridge – November 2018


More and more members are taking advantage of these valuable Saturday morning Porsche Vehicle Healthcare checks.  These are totally free.  No catch or obligation.  Generally offered twice a year on a first come first served basis.  You can meet a Porsche Technician who will talk to you and guide you around, and even under your pride and joy.  They will identify any potential issues and help you visualise any area’s which you may need to plan for.  In many cases, older Porsches can qualify for discounts on work.  So even if you do find yourself with unplanned work to do, Tonbridge and the other OPC’s can be extremely competitive on price.



Crispin gave some great feedback about the morning as he brought his 996 C4 along for its first Healthcare Check.

As usual on these days, members take advantage of the free hot and cold drinks and ‘sticky buns’ as an opportunity to have a good laugh with each other.

These workshop bays are now coming to the end of their service.  Unseen in this photo and to the right is the brand new workshop facility which will be up and running in January.  This area will become a part of the showroom under the second phase of development at Tonbridge.  Thank you to Service Manager, Stewart Davies for giving us this opportunity once again.


Paragon – Independent Porsche Specialist – October 2018


It’s undoubtedly true that if you want to enjoy your Porsche in the UK, the best time to do it is first thing on a Sunday morning.  Our visit to Paragon in Five Ashes, was one of those mornings.  The weather was glorious, starting with bright sunlight cutting through the occasional patches of low lying mist, developing into a full Indian summers day.



With members arriving from so many different parts of our region and the Southern Region, it wouldn’t have been feasible to have a convoy drive, but everyone made their own way and had a great drive to Paragon on relatively clear roads.

In a few weeks time we’ll be looking back on days like these and willing away the short, cold and dark days of winter.




Jamie and Jason at Paragon worked hard to get us set up with hot drinks and a continental breakfast, all of which was most welcome at 9.00am after a good drive.  They were most impressed with the the turnout of members and the variety of cars we brought along.  Steve’s 996 GT3 CS was a real head turner, although Jason at Paragon was very taken by Andy’s immaculate Guards Red 944.  Rich and i talked tyres, and as usual there was a great exchange of knowledge and experiences between everyone throughout the morning.





The showroom at Paragon is Porsche heaven, air cooled, water cooled, GT cars and RS, they’re all there.  I should have taken photos of some of the stock, but each time i was in the showroom i was drawn to a Silver 993 Targa and anyway, their photo’s are much better than mine.   Jamie and Jason inspire great confidence, they’re definitely people you feel you can do business with.


More members arrived as the morning progressed.  An elderly local lady resident (pictured far left) confided that her favourite car was Andy’s Panamera Turbo. “A nice family car”.  I told her it was an extremely fast family car, “Oh” she said, “I don’t mind that at all, very nice”


Thanks to Paragon for the invitation, and the hospitality, it was a lovely morning.  But also a huge thank you to all of you who came along, it makes organising these events very rewarding for Paul and the rest of us.  Hopefully we’ll see you again soon at Club Night.

Porsche Factory and Museum Visit – 2018

2018 marked 70 years of Porsche.  It was a strangely emotional feeling to take the Porsche home to the factory where it was ‘born’, especially in this anniversary year.  The level of planning put in by Club Chair Sean Smallman was self evident to those who took part.  If you’ve never visited the factory and museum in Stuttgart, i can highly recommend it.  We started our day with a factory tour.  It was just a few Euro’s and our guide spoke to us via a microphone directly into individually issued personal headphones.  No shouting, no crackling, and no loss of commentary – how very Porsche.  The tour was very informative and took us on a 3km walk taking in almost every aspect of production.  No camera’s (or phones) were allowed.  Suffice to say it was well worth doing.


At the museum, the impressive outside display was completely upstaged by the museum itself.  The image below is just the visitors car park!

The photo’s below are just a flavour of what there is to see.



John (foreground) and Sam taking a moment to absorb their surroundings.



Irish Green 1,000,000th 911 stands above an air cooled 911.




There are many more photo’s from this trip.  I’ll post more from this event and others during the winter months to help us all make plans for next year.

Hush Heath Vineyard Tour – 2018

The weather was appalling for this event, with torrential rain starting the day.  Those who attended had a great time and when the opportunity arises i’ll get a full update and some images to put on here.


South London OPC Car Health Check – Sept 2018

Several members took the up the invitation by South London OPC to have their car checked over by a Porsche Technician, absolutely free and without obligation.  The whole building is absolutely enormous and the workshop seemed to swallow our cars.  My car was checked over by Pete, who is one of the identical twins who work in the workshop and were taken on by Dean, the service manager because of their expert knowledge of air-cooled cars.  This specialisation didn’t prevent Pete getting stuck into the 996 C4S and identifying several minor problems which will need my attention over the winter months.

Having two Porsche Centres in our regional area is a real bonus.  There are several members who live very close to Sidcup.  Richard, a new member who lives in London, was pleased to be able to get an appointment at short notice and was even more pleased to be told that his recent acquisition, a 986 Boxster was in good form.


Aylesford Classic Car Show – Sept 2018


One of the most popular Classic Car Shows for our members, Aylesford is very compact.  Thanks to Sean, who  arranged the cars into another great display.  We had ten places booked, which were taken straight away.  David Lawrence managed to book separately and get his car onto the club display, so eleven cars in all.  Another good mix of cars.  Thanks to all who attended.  Photo’s from Dave Cooper who was there with his 996 C4S Cabriolet.






Club Night – Sept 2018

This month we came back to the inside seating at the Carpenters Arms.  It was warm enough outside, but getting cooler after sunset.  It was great to welcome new member Richard who has recently bought his first Porsche a 986 Boxster and is really enjoying it.  We also welcomed Lee, also a new member who has a 997 Cabriolet.  Lee and John Cordingley, who is a long term member with a 997 Cabriolet, had a long chat about their car and experiences with them.  In preparation for Aylesford Classic Car show, we were able to pass on tickets the the members who were preparing to attend the show.  Other members are looking forward to the Goodwood Revival over the same weekend.

There was plenty of conversation about the Festival of Porsche, which was held last weekend at Brands Hatch too.  Thanks to everyone who came along, it was a great evening.

Festival of Porsche – 70yrs – Brands Hatch – Sept 2018


As a region, we are so fortunate to have a venue like Brands Hatch on our doorstep.  Although we hadn’t made this an organised visit, we were bumping into other club members from all regions, all day long. There were some stunning cars to be seen, both off and on the race circuit.

Below are some more images from the day……






There was plenty of enthusiastic racing and even some of the display parades were eventful.  Derek Bell was amongst the well known racing drivers present.  The seriously competitive and inspirational racing driver Nathalie McGloin, was let down by a brake issue on her Cayman and forced to retire for the day.  She wasn’t happy.  Another competitor took advantage of her down time and used Natalies trailer as a makeshift ramp to carry out repairs on his leaking 356.  Also at the event was Magnus Walker.  Described by one attendee, who didn’t know of him as ‘just a scruffy bloke’. Magnus is not only a self made man with one of the largest personal Porsche collections in the world, he is also a genuinely nice guy.  If you don’t know of him, look him up on You Tube.  Magnus is ‘marmite’ but you can’t knock his Porsche Enthusiasm.  He spoke to everyone who had queued to see him, gave out personalised posters and smiled for ‘selfies’ – nice guy.

Amongst the race track displays was one of the last appearances of the ultra successful Porsche 919, now in Tribute race trim with all of the restrictions removed.  What a truly awesome sight this car was, topping 192mph along the start/finish straight and probably one of the last times we’ll get to see it driven with that level of enthusiasm.

Drive out and Breakfast – Spitfire & Hurricane Museum – Aug 2018


Andy James reminded me that i’d mentioned a drive out at the last club meeting.  It was very short notice and being a summer Sunday in the middle of the holiday season, i wasn’t expecting a huge attendance.  But to my amazement, a total of eleven cars turned out for a drive to the Spitfire and Hurricane Museum at Manston.  We started off at Maidstone Services on the M20 at 08:30am.  All was going relatively smoothly and we even managed to pick up Crispin in his immaculate 356 along the way.  However, i hadn’t prepared everyone as well as i should have and the convoy became fragmented, but we all made it to the destination before the Museum and cafe doors had opened.


We sat together in the museum cafe and had a catch up about the various routes we’d all taken to get to Manston, Nr. Margate.  The facilities were great and the weather was kind to us once again.






Crispin’s 356 is an absolute stunner.  He and Hugo had travelled together and were joined a little later by Hugo’s wife in a lovely blue 996 Coupe.  Andy James had missed us at Maidstone services, but made his own way shortly afterwards in his red 944 coupe followed by his wife, Michaela who had cycled all the way again.  Very impressive.






We managed to fit in both the Spitfire and Hurricane Museum and the Manston Airfield Museum.  Entry by donation to the former and £2.50 for the latter.  They were worthy of having more time spent on them and are well worth a visit if you find yourself in the area.




Thank you to all who attended for making it a lovely day out.  I promise to make it easier for each of you to follow the route on the next drive out i plan.  🙂

Wombat Wrapping – August 2018


We’ve been promoting this event as Wombat Wrapping, which isn’t incorrect but the company are also known as Super Car Paint Protection and this is their primary business.  Mark, Adam and their small professional team apply paint protection films to your car.  By coincidence they also sorted out the graphics on Nick Seagers 997 turbo seen in the photo above.

Mark had arranged bacon baps, coffee and homemade cake for our visit, which was really appreciated.  First impressions of the anonymous looking former fire station was one of high quality.  The polished tile floor led the eye to an immaculate Ford GT40 and a Crayon coloured Porsche GT3, both of which were in for paint protection.  The environment inside the building is as free of dust as could be possible.  It’s an idyllic location with a team who exude confidence.





Waist height lighting help the team apply panel accurate clear paint protection.  Mark demonstrated the how the team select computer based templates, which are cut to fit, on site, from Xpel Ultimate self healing paint protection sheets.  He also showed us a sample of paint protection, which he deliberately damaged with a wire brush, then ‘repaired’ by passing a heat gun over the surface.




Adam can be seen here taking time and care in applying paint protection to the leading edge of the rear offside wheel arch of this GT3.  This was for demonstration purposes.  The film is completely non destructive to the cars original paintwork and can be removed without fear of damage.








On close examination the edge of this protection can be seen, but you really have to know its there to see it.  When a full panel paint protection is applied it is virtually impossible to see it.  Mark and Adam go the extra mile to ensure that wherever possible the film is wrapped around any opening panels.  They use Xpel as it doesn’t shrink back with time, thereby avoiding unsightly glue marks at the edge of the protection.




Members paying close attention as Mark ‘heals’ the panel which he had earlier damaged with a wire brush.  He did get a bit close to his fingers with the heat gun, during his demonstration.

The team gave an overview of the extraordinary lengths they go to in order to keep their customers cars safe and secure.  OPC Tonbridge are amongst their valued customers.

Thanks to Mark, Adam and all at Wombat Wrapping, we had a great morning.  it was very informative and enjoyable.

Club Night – August 2018

It was great to have members along who were on their first, second and third club events as well as regular long term members.  Once again OPC Tonbridge were represented by Dan the parts manager.  There were around  20 Porsches in the car park with many more people than cars.  Conversations ranged through car maintenance tips, European experiences and planned future trips to Europe, including photography, and future diary events.  Paul managed to secure the outside seating area which was perfect for the evening.  Thank you to everyone who came along and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Silverstone Classic – July 2018

Silverstone Classic is another National Event which attracts TIPEC members from all regions.

The TIPEC display at the Silverstone Classic was another eye catcher!  Situated alongside the grandstands at Abbey.  A great mix of Porsche sports cars which had been prepared to a high standard by their owners.  Thank you to Sean Smallman for these photo’s.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

A number of Kent and South east London members attended the Goodwood festival of Speed this year.  As soon as we get some photo’s, we’ll post them here.  Of particular interest was the central themed sculpture outside Goodwood House.  The first sighting of the latest Speedster.  The Mission E and 70 years of Porsche.

Whitstable Music and Classic Car Show

The weather could not have been better at this stunning coastal event.  Before we attended we were told that the event would stretch 800 metres from end to end.  There is little doubt that this was exceeded and there was an exceptionally diverse collection of vehicles to be seen.  Visitors and day trippers strolled along eating ice cream and strawberries, admiring the cars and talking to the owners.

Thank you to Matthew Stears and his brother who arrived early in one of the best examples of the Porsche 968 Club Sport you are ever likely to see.  They were given limited member details but managed to meet everyone and direct them to our pitch.  Unfortunately they had left before i managed to get photo’s of them and their car.

We had a prime sight looking out to sea, with the largest sea based wind farm in Europe  visible in the distance.  Amongst the wind turbines are two sets of ‘Red Sands’ WW2 Air Defences.  These were abandoned by the military in the early 1970’s and were put to use for a while by Pirate Radio stations.  (Kids ask your parents!).

Our Gazebo gave welcome shade and a place for the usual light hearted banter and Porsche talk.  We had several enquiries about the club with many people taking business cards and previous copies of ‘All Torque’, the club magazine, to get an idea of what the club has to offer.

A huge thank you to everyone who prepared their cars and came to the event .  We had 22 places in all.  We were joined by Ian Hutchinson from North Essex and a few independent owners came and joined us during the day.

It’s always great to see such a mix of great Porsche models.  The feedback we’ve had is that this is definitely an event you’d like to see on next years calendar.

John and Pat Cordingley needed the comfort of their Porsche 997 C2 seats for a short break.

Nigel Feddons’ 911 996 C2 and Paul Greers’ ceramic coated 911 997 C2S both looked stunning in the sunshine.

Club Night – July 2018

Forward thinking by Paul and the Carpenters Arms, meant that we were able to hold our monthly meet outside in the garden area at the rear of the pub.  It suited the group really well.  If only i’d had the foresight to take a photo of everyone instead of laughing and joking and tucking into Ham,Egg and Chips!  After a couple of hours people started to get up and wander into the car park for a tyre kicking session.  In fairness, no tyres were actually kicked, but there was a good deal of banter.  I managed to get a couple of photo’s before the light died completely.  Some us decided to call it a night when we realised that it was dark and actually getting quite late. 

Some of the conversations at tonights meet  involved, (in no particular order) – boxsters, coffin arms, OPC, Paragon, 964’s, Cayennes, Le Mans and the upcoming Le Mans Classic.  Drive out days, over zealous Gendarmerie, and Classic Car Shows.  Goodwood and George even provided a re-enactment of his four year old granddaughters ballet practice, which brought back mental images of the film ‘Despicable Me’.

There was talk about brake callipers, an online auction site, service records, commuting, train journeys, and jewellery. One member even suggested the club be renamed, the Porsche eating club, because we always seem to end up chatting over food!

Without you guys and girls turning up and mixing in, these nights would be rubbish.  Fortunately, loads of you allow yourselves the indulgence of one night a month where you exchange idea’s and have a laugh.  Thank you.

Porsche Dealership Healthcare Check – June 2018

The Official Porsche Centre (OPC) Tonbridge held a summer Healthcare Check for TIPEC Kent and SE London members starting at 09:00.  Three Porsche Technicians were on hand to check over our cars.  Each time slot was 40mins, which gave time for each car owner to get reassurance and advice directly from the technician, in the workshop.  At least three new members were able to take advantage of this service, which is kindly provided free of charge and without obligation.  Our Thanks to the Dealership Principal Vince and Service Manager Stewart at Tonbridge, together with all of their helpful team.

John had historically, been driving only  short distances.  Recently he had work carried out on his 944 by an Independent Specialist who had been recommended to him by fellow members at a club evening.  The confidence he gained after work had been carried out, allowed him to feel comfortable in driving his stunning guards red car to Le Mans.  Todays OPC Health Check has cemented his new found confidence in his car.

Lee has owned his 997 C4S since late in 2017. His Porsche is a great example of the model and was purchased with confidence from a specialist.  However there is nothing like having the ‘thumbs up’ from a technician who knows these cars.  Lee is seen here with fellow member Nick Gow in discussion with one of Tonbridge OPC’s top techs.

While the OPC team worked on Pauls gleaming 997, members spent time enjoying each others company over complimentary coffee and cakes.  New member Andy made a point of thanking people for being so welcoming, whilst another member said that he’d definitely made the right choice by joining TIPEC.

Bromley Motoring Pageant – June 2018

With the longest day of the year just a few days away, members converged on Norman Park, Bromley from all corners of the region.  The clouds were grey and while Sean paced the perimeter of the plot and directed Porsches to their display spot, it began to drizzle.  Everyone else piled in to collectively solve the rubics cube – otherwise know as erecting the gazebo.  Within 30 minutes our shelter was up, tea and coffee was being made and someone was cooking bacon butties!  The weather knew it was beaten and the rain receded, we were set for a great day.

This was an excellent day out and a strong showing from our region at, what is apparently, the largest static car show in Europe.

The perfect summer Porsche, the Boxster greeted visitors as they approached the Main Arena from the ‘single make’ field 

Nick Seagers’ resourceful ‘Bromley Crew’ formed a huge circle of picnic chairs by the gazebo.  The conversations were humorous and lively.  Halina surprised everyone when she handed around the most delicious homemade cake. Thank you.

The shows guest presenter was Sue Baker, who is a motoring journalist and former Top Gear presenter.  She was joined by Jimmy De Ville and Helen Stanley from the hugely popular TV programme Goblin Works Garage which features on Quest TV (a part of Discovery).  Completely unannounced they asked for Sean Smallman to take his eye-catching 964 Carrera S to the Main Arena.

Not one, but two 356’s belonging to Jay Breakwell and Tom Thompson.  The diversity of Porsche models on display by us at Bromley this year was impressive.  A true tribute to 2018 being the 70th year of Porsche.

Jimmy de Ville and Helen Stanley either side of Sean on our TIPEC Kent and South East London stand.  Jimmy revealed that he was pleased to visit our stand as he has a secret desire to own a Porsche Cayman

Steve’s immaculate and rare 968 Sport, sits alongside Charlies equally rare 924S





































All credit to Nick Seager for liaising and organising this event.  There is no doubt that Sean’s display plan encouraged a large and positive footfall onto our plot.  However, this great display was largely down to the members who took part and who spent much time in preparation of their cars.  Thank you all.

The Lemon Tree – Drive Out and Cream Tea – June 2018

The ‘Lemon Tree’ in the pretty Kent village of Tenterden, was the location of this enjoyable Sunday Afternoon Tea.  While their passengers tucked into tea and scones, the drivers took the opportunity to have and hour long drive out in the sun.

However, it didn’t stop the drivers stopping off and having a quick refreshment break other own!  Thank you to our hosts at the Lemon Tree and also Chris Baker for planning the route.  This was a very British summer day drive out enjoyed by all.

Club Night – June 2018

A very busy club night saw new member Malcolm on his second visit, and three members who were completely new to our club.  One of those,  Jonathon, brought his 986 Jade Green Boxster (just like Martin Jackson previous 996 C2), which has only covered 38k miles.  Anita, was nursing a broken finger, but she was there in her 996 C4S and had also freshly returned from Simply Porsche the previous day.  Stewart and Dan were there representing OPC Tonbridge.

Simply Porsche – Weekend – June 2018

Simply Porsche is the annual TIPEC national gathering.  Year on year, the event is growing with an estimated 1600 Porsches at the event this year, around 30% more cars than last year.  The weather was simply glorious and many members made a weekend of it, starting on Saturday with a Jazz band and picnic in the New Forest.

Some people took the Picnic to another level. No wonder Jim now drives a Cayenne, Becky ensured the boot was filled!

In case you were wondering what was hidden behind the stove and kettle…..




Grant’s face shows disappointment as Jim and Becky had polished off the food before he got there!

A view of the Jazz band, seen through the wing of Paul Howmans’ Porsche 993, with Anitas’ 996 C4S also in the photo.

And the bands view of some of us….

There were an impressive mix of Porsche cars at the picnic.  Reflected here with cars which are seen far less frequently. 968 Cabriolet, 924 Turbo and 911 Targa.

Sunday at Simply Porsche – Beaulieu

Even later in the day, when many cars had started the long journey home,  Beaulieu looked stunning with a huge mix of cars.

Andy and Tracey had found a lovely shaded spot near the entrance for their 996, the colour of which is not done justice in this photo.

More of our Kent and South East London members taking in the sights from a shaded spot.







There were Sharks everywhere!  A great line up of 928’s with one of our very own in the mix.  Clive and Janets’ beautiful red 928 sitting at the end of this row.

Paul Howmans’ 993 came 1st in the TIPEC Chairmans choice of car for his Garage competition.




Prizes were given by Meguiars Car Care Products with recipient Paul (centre) and Sean Smallman, (presenting, right).

Some of the many cars i’d like in my dream garage, above and right….

After free access to the museum, Beaulieu House and grounds, and looking around the trade stands and cars, some were just dog tired at the end of the day!

See you there in 2019, with a new and revised access method which will speed things up at the entrance.

Thames River Cruise – May Bank Holiday 2018

On the lead up to the late May Bank Holiday, the weather forecasters had predicted hot temperatures and thunder and lightening.  Well, it was certainly very warm, but thankfully the rain never showed.

  The Viscount Cruises vessel ‘London Rose’ was waiting for us at Greenwich.  Throughout the summer months, the company sail a Sunday Evening cruise up the Thames for two hours from 19:00hrs.  Its easy to forget what a beautiful city London is and its great to see it from the river perspective.  This cruise is exceptional value for money and highly recommended if you didn’t make it on this trip.

Cruise skipper Terry took us up river to Westminster and allowed us to take in the sights and ask each other questions about the sights we could see.  On the return leg of our journey Terry gave us a very informative and humourous commentary.  Confirming the knowledge of London, of TIPEC members like Nick Beaumont!

The fantastic weather wasn’t the only surprise of the trip.  R.O. Paul Greer was given a surprise Birthday Cake by Rachel (sorry Rachel, each shot i took caught you with your eyes closed!). As most of you will know Paul is a car detailing fanatic and the incredible cake representing a bucket of soapy water, sponge and chamois leather captured the sentiment perfectly.  It was also mouth watering to taste.   The numeral shaped candles may not have lit up in the way intended, but they did reveal why this birthday was so special.  Gill had also gone to the trouble of laying on nibbles, including sandwiches for TIPEC members who attended – Thank you Gill.

Skipper Terry had us looking from River Bank to River Bank, pointing out sights and facts about London.

The sights just kept coming and coming.  Tower Bridge, the Walkie Talkie building, The Shard, and even Lord Sugars motor launch – currently up for sale.

We rounded the evening off with a drink at one of the pubs on the Greenwich riverbank.  Sat in the open air in T-shirts at 9:45pm overlooking the Thames and the O2.  It was amazing to watch as distant, constant and noiseless lightning backlit dark dramatic clouds.  Thank you to our hosts George and Gill for arranging this lovely evening.  Thanks also to Rachel for Pauls cake, and getting it there completely undetected!  Happy Birthday Paul!

Laon Historic Weekend – France – May 2018

The tiny City of Laon hosts a huge annual classic car event attracting over 300 cars.  Being less than 3 hours from Calais and spread over four days, the event is populars with entrants from the UK in all types of classic cars.  The medieval City is perched high on a hill and at its centre point is the most incredible Cathedral.  Seen below are the cars of members Dave and Halina, Andy and Tracey and Chris and Jan, all lined up on the ramparts with stunning views of the surrounding countryside.     

Thanks to Chris Baker for being team photographer.  Behind the lens again while the others enjoy pre diner drinks.

The weekend is a mix of a non-competitive, drive out style ‘Rally’, of around a hundred miles on one day.  And a ‘closed street’ parade featuring a hill climb up to the city.  It is, by all accounts a very enjoyable weekend where participants are greeted by enthusiastic, flag waving spectators in almost every village along the route.

Drive Out to Rye – May 2018

A leisurely Sunday 08:30am departure from the M20 services near Maidstone saw 11 Porsches drive out  for a thoroughly enjoyable breakfast at the Bosuns Bite Cafe in Rye.  The driving conditions were perfect with dry weather, good visibility and light traffic.  We were joined by Andy in his beautiful Guards Red 944, a car which he had wanted for some time and was able to fully enjoy on the mix of roads we travelled along.   In fact the line up of cars was very mixed.  George and Gill gave the 911 Targa an airing and John gave us a look at his brand new 911 GTS.  This wasn’t the only new car on the trip, Nick Gow brought his 911 GT3 out too.  It was good to see Jim and Becky in the Cayenne as well.  Jim is an absolute fountain of mechanical knowledge and an asset to our region.

John’s GTS and Nicks GT3 amongst the eight cars in this photo.  Paul and Nick Beaumont decided to park their cars on the slipway and dice with the tide!  All because they wanted to get the first breakfast order.

George and Gills 911 Targa

Andys 944.

Slow breakfast service at the Bosuns Bite isn’t the norm, but on this occasion it was a bit of a bonus.  Eighteen of us ordered breakfast and the delay gave us all plenty of time to chat about our cars, recent events, upcoming events and so much more.  Great to see you all!

Mille Miglia and Monaco Classic – May 2018

Here are a couple of holding images of this event. These were taken at the former F1 motor racing circuit at Reims in France, which was the starting point for this superb European tour organised by Sean.  More to follow.

A classic pit lane photo, this just has to be done!

A great line up of cars.  Nigel and Pat’s green 911 996 looks stunning in the sun light.

Sean’s 911 996 C4S Cab expertly packed and ready to go at Reims.

Returning to the cars after an afternoon coffee stop at the mountain top viewing point of Grand Ballon in the French Alps near Mulhouse.

More to follow……

McLaren Ascot Showroom Visit 2018

Thank you to our hosts, McLaren Ascot for an excellent morning out.  The showroom, and workshop were full of beautifully presented McLaren cars.  Experienced staff gave our group an overview of the model structure and encouraged us to get into the cars and have a good look over them.  This event was organised by Paul.

Soon after the initial tour of the showroom we were treated by the dealership to a variety of cakes, coffee and soft drinks.  Regional members then split up and took in the display at their leisure.

This even included a Pedro De La Rosa F1 Car, liveried in orange.

An amazing, surprise appearance was made especially for us, in the form of a visit to the dealership of a McLaren Senna Prototype.  An absolute show stopper.  Those involved in making this happen – you know who you are – Thank You!

The McLaren Senna is an exclusive, limited edition model all of which have been sold.  In reality, the opportunity to actually see one of these cars at any time in the future will be extremely limited.  It was no wonder that it attracted so much attention.

Max had a ‘once in a lifetime’ chance to sit in the drivers seat of the McLaren Senna Prototype and his smile says it all.  Well done Max.

Kent and South East London region had a great turnout for this dealership visit despite changeable weather.  A meeting at Clacket Lane Services allowed us to have a comfortable breakfast before an hour long convoy drive to Ascot.

More images from the day…

Thank you to all of the McLaren Ascot staff who went out of their way to make this a great visit for our region.

Detailing Day 2018

Once again the Region Detailing day was hosted by Sean Smallman, who didn’t only let us share his home, but also provided seemingly endless hot and cold drinks and bacon rolls.  He also has a knack with the incredible weather he gets each year.  Thanks Sean and Jenny of course.

Paul Greer R.O. is the owner of a Porsche 997 C2S which is testament to his detailing skills and he soon got to work on the feature car.  Kevin and Graeme are the proud owners of a lovely Porsche 996 Turbo which is maintained to the highest standards, but has been living outside.  As a result, deposits of dirt had built up on the rubber seals and in the water channels.

Paul applied a general purpose detailing cleaner to the seals and channels and after allowing the cleaner to soak in to the dirt, he worked it in with a soft detailing brush.  A ph neutral wheel cleaner was applied to the alloy wheels, which turns the wheels a deep purple colour as it clears the brake dust. The wheel cleaner was worked in with ‘wheel woolies’, a long handled brush with a lambs wool head.

Kevin “I feel a bit guilty, should we help out?”

Graeme “Lets finish this coffee, wait until he’s almost finished, then jump in!”

All quotes are made up obviously!

Snow foam was applied and allowed to sit on the paintwork for several minutes.  This isn’t necessarily something that everyone would have the facilities to achieve, but it really makes a difference.  The whole car was then rinsed off.

Kevin and Graeme were keen to get involved in the hard work, putting their new found skills to good use. The whole car was ‘clay barred’, some marks were removed and repaired with a light cutting agent.  Then the  whole car was polished with Collinite automotive wax.

Quite quickly the Porsche 911 996 Turbo was looking like it had just come from the showroom.

Once black tail pipes regained their gleaming chromium finish.

Paul worked hard into the afternoon and the results were clear to see.  The door shuts, engine bay and luggage compartment water channels were all equally as clean as the more obvious external surfaces.

Paul Howman gives a big ‘Thumbs Up’.  In fairness he was photo bombing, but the image rounds the story of the revitalised 996 Turbo off nicely!

Sean bringing a sunroof seal back to life by working general purpose cleanser into the seal with a detailing brush.

No-one went hungry or suffered from dehydration!  Thanks to everyone who came to the event and particular thanks to Kevin and Graeme for the use of their car.

Other images from the day.

Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Minature Railway – Photo Challenge – 2018

This innovative event, brought to the region by member David Lawrence is a relaxed and entertaining Photo Challenge.  The aim is to take as many photographs of the train in different locations along its 13.5 mile route. A point is awarded for each image, with bonus points for having your Porsche included in the photo and a further point for the Porsche driver being included, a maximum of three points per image. Starting at Dungeness the train travels at a low and leisurely pace, making frequent long stops.  It’s easy to stay one step ahead.

That’s three points!  (As you can see, i’m not that good with a selfie stick!)

Judging took place at a small service station, where the staff appeared to be surprised by the influx of customers!

Competitors put David under pressure to persuade him that a the appearance of a hand in an image constituted the presence of the Porsche driver.  Or that clouds were in fact steam from the railway engine.  Spirited competition existed between brothers Nigel and Grant Feddon, who had previously been joint winners.

David Lawrence (left) presented the proud winners Natalie and Grant Feddon with the trophy!  Nigel and Pat Feddon were worthy runners up, beating the rest of the field by some margin.  A great day out, Thank You David!

2017 Detailing Event – Hosted by Sean Smallman in North Kent


2017 April’s detailing day was well attended, after bacon butties and refreshemants. Paul demonstrated the correct techniques for cleaning and protecting paintwort on Andy and Tracey’s 996. Whilst Sean got stuck into cleaning leather and how you have to be quite aggressive to get the best results. A 4″ emulsion brush is perfect for getting the crap out of the seats. Nick was suitably embarrassed but did leave with one very clean passenger seat. We are always on hand to support, if you have any cleaning issues feel free to contact us. Thanks to Sean for the day and sharing his detailing knowledge. 


Headlamp discolouration caused by UV over a period of years, can be corrected with time, patience and knowledge.  Thanks to Paul Greer.  Eagle eyed viewers will notice that Paul has carried out this job on more than one Porsche!

Ireland September 2017 – Dublin – Belfast – Giants Causeway

September 2017 – A contingent of Kent and South East London TIPEC members met and drove in convoy through the home counties and the cotswolds into Wales.  Other TIPEC members joined the group en route and enjoyed five days driving the beautiful coastal roads in Ireland.

The Dark hedges as seen on TV in Game of Thrones

Some of us got lost in Ireland. Time to visit a local pub!

Visit to Cushenden Caves – another ‘Game of Thrones’ location

Brogdale Farm – Faversham 2017 – Drive out and Coffee

A great line-up of Porsche cars from our Kent and South East London Region.  This venue had great food, a large car park and several small retail outlets.  It was one which will feature in the calendar again.

Secret Garden – East Kent – 2017- Drive Out and afternoon tea.

Living up to it’s name, at least two of us took a relaxed view to navigating to this venue and got lost.  Secret Garden lived up to its name!  A great place to visit with huge car park and fabulous food.


Porsche Tonbridge – Health Check day.

Our Region enjoys an excellent relationship with the Official Porsche Centre, Tonbridge and health check days can give great peace of mind.

A rare chance to get a look under your Porsche with an Official Porsche Technician

The cost of two years TIPEC membership is less than this type inspection would cost you if organised in any other way!  It’s free to TIPEC members on a first come first served basis.

The Selection of Previous Events section above will be updated on a regular basis, with new and updated events.  If you’ve been to a regional event and have images to share, forward them to us here with a brief description of when and where the image was taken – Thank you.

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Thank you for visiting The Independent Porsche Enthusiasts Club (TIPEC), Kent and South East London Region.

R.O. Paul Greer, A.R.O. Rachel Greer and A.R.O Stuart Watson