About Us

An Introduction to TIPEC

Aims and Goals

TIPEC is an entirely independent, not-for-profit Club. It is run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts and is not connected with Porsche AG in any way.

TIPEC’s aim is to help further members’ enjoyment and interest in their Porsche motor cars, no matter which model, and to help promote good fellowship among all Porsche owners.

We offer a wide range of social events; drives, track days, karting, regular evening and day runs throughout the UK and into Europe. All models are warmly welcomed at our various events. We do ask that you drive sensibly and responsibly, as well as within your own limits and the law if attending an event.

By pulling together so many Porsche owners we are able to negotiate club discounts with a number of suppliers and organisations.

TIPEC as an organisation exists to support the mutual interests of its members. The club provides a comprehensive activities program which is available to all members and their families. Non-members are encouraged to take an interest in the organised activities, meets and events but participation is limited to TIPEC members and their familes.

TIPEC – Where Did It All Begin?

TIPEC began life in June 1993 when Gary Downs, a Porsche 944 owner, wanted to join a club that shared his enthusiasm for this model. Gary created the “924/944 Club” to address the issues that were important to real people who run the older water-cooled models on a tight budget. It seems Gary was not alone, and very soon membership grew dramatically – so much so that by November 1994 the name changed to the “924 to 968 Club”. The club has changed and matured over the years and welcomes owners of all models to its ranks.

We like to think that we serve our membership in a way Ferdinand Porsche would have approved of. He developed his first sportscar pulling on all his pioneering knowledge of engineering. He was a brilliant and innovative Engineer with a passion driving him to develop a practical, inexpensive and long-lived sports car. Perfection was in his mind, elitism was not.

Our club is the friendly face of Porsche ownership. Non-elitist, serving the the needs of ordinary people from all walks of life with a common passion.

We welcome anyone who either has a Porsche or is just an enthusiast. Owners of all Porsche models are very welcome.

TIPEC holds countrywide competitive and noncompetitive meets and events.These are on a regional basis, offering a program within the reach of everyone. Excursions and activities relating to our hobby are sponsored by business and enjoyed by many members around the country.

Club Leadership

Leadership is vested in a Committee of volunteers, each serving a 12-month term, with re-election by the general membership each year at an Annual General Meeting (AGM).

TIPEC Regions are located all around the United Kingdom. These groups provide local social activities and represent TIPEC in their local areas. Each region is run by a Regional Organiser (RO) and where needed an Assistant Regional Organiser (ARO). These volunteers arrange monthly meets and, with the help of local members, drives and other exciting events.

Club Publications

TIPEC publishes several different types of informative documents, including ALL TORQUE. Local regions are expected to keep members updated with regular newsheets and event calendars.

… And Finally …

TIPEC would not exist without the collective resources of its membership. Regions support the interests of the members on a local basis. TIPEC officers and members are expected to maintain the highest level of relations with the community at large.