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Porsche Enthusiasts Club  – Who are we?

The Independent Porsche Enthusiasts Club is a non-elitist club, run by enthusiasts for like-minded enthusiasts – people who are “passionate about Porsche”.  The club is independent of the Porsche factory and dealer network. We as a club cater for the whole range of models and welcome owners of replicas. Porsche Enthusiasts Club is dedicated to keeping the cost of owning and running a Porsche down to a minimum.

What is the club spirit?

We like to think that we serve our membership in a way of which Ferdinand Porsche would have approved. He developed his first sports car pulling on all his pioneering knowledge of engineering; a brilliant and innovative Engineer with a passion driving him to develop a practical, inexpensive and long-lived sports car. Our members come from all walks of life and we warmly welcome everyone equally. Whether you drive a 1978 924 or a 2018 model 991, we are pleased to share your passion for a name synonymous with sheer driving pleasure.  You don’t even have to own a Porsche to be a true Porsche Enthusiast!

What is All Torque?

All Torque is our club magazine – published bi-monthly with helpful features on our members cars, maintaining your Porsche and news and views from across the marque.  All Torque is free to all members.

What benefits are there to joining the club?  Have a look here!

Where can you find enthusiasts like us?

The club has 21 regions across the country – there is bound to be one near you,  have a look on our Regions page and you can see where they meet and get in touch.  The club is very active on social media and you can find us all over Facebook and Instagram. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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If ever a car didnt need detailing...lol

Introducing the New Surrey area Meeting for the Surrey & Sussex Region group, why not pop along and say Hello. Every 3rd Wednesday of the Month at the Fairmile Pub in Cobham KT11 1BW. Another Meeting on Wednesday 16th January from 7pm. take a look at the video to see whats in store. ... See MoreSee Less


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This is in addition to the normal meeting held every 2nd Wednesday of the Month at the Bolney Stage near Haywards Heath in Sussex.

Special thanks to Photographer John Rampton for the stunning photos used in the Video and the adverts for this event.

I shall await warmer weather 😉

December meeting has been postponed until January 16th owing to the closeness to Christmas. So a chance to go shopping instead

Kam Singh

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"Make sure its insured" - does't help much with an irreplaceable car though, does it? Sounds pretty defeatest to me.

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